Whether you have an old system you need replacing or building a new home. We can help! With our no-obligation FREE Quotes, we can provide the right advice on which system bests suits your needs. We understand the importance of having affordable and efficient air conditioning here in the Pilbara. 

Don’t get caught installing an air conditioner that is too small or big for your area. 

We proudly recommend our most valued and trusted brands 

Daikin and Mitsubishi Heavy Industry 




All Air Conditioning units need to be Chemically cleaned on either a bi-annual or yearly basis depending on the amount of use. However the filters should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure you are getting clean air throughout your home or office. Chemical clean’s must be completed by a fully qualified Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician. We also provide a operation check on each unit to ensure it is running at its best.  

Don’t breath in dirty and harmful air as this could lead to serious health complications. 

Keeping your Air conditioning units well maintained also reduces your operating costs.

Breakdown & Repairs


Our fully qualified and experienced technicians can repair and service all types of units right across the City of Karratha and surrounding towns. If your Air conditioner is not working, is noisy, blowing hot air or smells funky, then you can rely on us to fix the issue and get your system performing again. We understand the importance of Air Conditioning in the Pilbara, therefore breakdowns are our most priority.

Preventative Maintenance


We offer flexible preventative service and maintenance contracts for both residential and commercial customers. Each maintenance contract is tailored for your individual  or workplace needs. We understand the critical importance of keeping air conditioning systems in excellent working order at all times, especially in the Pilbara. This will allow prime performance and can increase the lifespan of your system. Pro-longing its maintenance could increase costs if it breaks down.

Pre-Sale Inspections


Buying a new Home? Do you want peace of mind that the Air Conditioners are working efficiently throughout your new home? We can provide a report indicating if your air conditoners are in great working order, or if they require repairs and maintenance. This report can be provided to the current owners to have them repaired, serviced or replaced prior to settlement. 

5 Tips to reduce your power bill


  1. Set your temperature between 22°C and 24°C.  **Fun Fact: For every 1°C lower you set your air conditioning thermostat, your running costs escalate to 10%.
  2. Turn your air conditioner off when you are not home. Timers can be used, just set for the required time and save on costs! 
  3. Clean your Air Conditioner filters regularly and have it professional cleaned on a yearly basis. 
  4. Don’t let your air conditioner run all day long. It will need a break.
  5. Close off rooms that are not being used so you are not cooling them unnecessarily.